[ doun-lohd ]
/ ˈdaʊnˌloʊd /

verb (used with object)

to transfer (software, data, character sets, etc.) from a distant to a nearby computer, from a larger to a smaller computer, or from a computer to a peripheral device.


software, data, etc., that has been downloaded: the best free music downloads.
the act or process of downloading.

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British Dictionary definitions for download

/ (ˈdaʊnˌləʊd) /

verb (tr)

to copy or transfer (data or a program) into the memory of one computer system from a larger one
to broadcast specialist programmes, for such groups as doctors, outside normal broadcasting hours. They are often recorded on video tapes and viewed later Compare upload
esp Canadian to delegate or assign (work, responsibilities, costs, etc) to a someone at a lower level of an organization; off-load


a file transferred onto a computer from another computer or the internet

Derived forms of download

downloadable, adjective

Scientific definitions for download

[ dounlōd′ ]

To transfer data or programs from a server or host computer to one's own computer or digital device. Compare upload.