[ dih-skrep-uhn-see ]
/ dɪˈskrɛp ən si /

noun, plural dis·crep·an·cies for 2.

the state or quality of being discrepant or in disagreement, as by displaying an unexpected or unacceptable difference; inconsistency: The discrepancy between the evidence and his account of what happened led to his arrest.
an instance of difference or inconsistency: There are certain discrepancies between the two versions of the story.
Also dis·crep·ance.

Origin of discrepancy

1615–25; < Latin discrepantia, equivalent to discrepant- (see discrepant) + -ia; see -ancy

synonym study for discrepancy

1. See difference.

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British Dictionary definitions for discrepancy

/ (dɪˈskrɛpənsɪ) /

noun plural -cies

a conflict or variation, as between facts, figures, or claims

usage for discrepancy

Discrepancy is sometimes wrongly used where disparity is meant. A discrepancy exists between things which ought to be the same; it can be small but is usually significant. A disparity is a large difference between measurable things such as age, rank, or wages