[ noun kos-toom, -tyoom; verb ko-stoom, -styoom ]
/ noun ˈkɒs tum, -tyum; verb kɒˈstum, -ˈstyum /


verb (used with object), cos·tumed, cos·tum·ing.

to dress; furnish with a costume; provide appropriate dress for: to costume a play.


of or characterized by the wearing of costumes: a costume party.
meant for use with or appropriate to a specific costume: costume accessories.

Origin of costume

1705–15; < French < Italian: usage, habit, dress; doublet of custom

synonym study for costume

1. See dress.


re·cos·tume, verb (used with object), re·cos·tumed, re·cos·tum·ing. un·cos·tumed, adjective well-cos·tumed, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for costume

/ (ˈkɒstjuːm) /


a complete style of dressing, including all the clothes, accessories, etc, worn at one time, as in a particular country or period; dress national costume
old-fashioned a woman's suit
a set of clothes, esp unusual or period clothes, worn in a play by an actor or at a fancy dress ball a jester's costume
short for swimming costume

verb (tr)

to furnish the costumes for (a show, film, etc)
to dress (someone) in a costume

Word Origin for costume

C18: from French, from Italian: dress, habit, custom