[ kuh-rohd ]
/ kəˈroʊd /

verb (used with object), cor·rod·ed, cor·rod·ing.

to eat or wear away gradually as if by gnawing, especially by chemical action.
to impair; deteriorate: Jealousy corroded his character.

verb (used without object), cor·rod·ed, cor·rod·ing.

to become corroded.

Origin of corrode

1350–1400; Middle English (< Middle French) < Latin corrōdere to gnaw to pieces, equivalent to cor- cor- + rōdere to gnaw; akin to rodent


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British Dictionary definitions for corrode

/ (kəˈrəʊd) /


to eat away or be eaten away, esp by chemical action as in the oxidation or rusting of a metal
(tr) to destroy gradually; consume his jealousy corroded his happiness

Derived forms of corrode

corrodant or corrodent, noun corroder, noun corrodible, adjective corrodibility, noun

Word Origin for corrode

C14: from Latin corrōdere to gnaw to pieces, from rōdere to gnaw; see rodent, rat