[ sen-chuh-ree ]
/ ˈsɛn tʃə ri /

noun, plural cen·tu·ries.

Origin of century

1525–35; < Latin centuria unit made up of 100 parts, especially company of soldiers, equivalent to cent(um) 100 + -uria, perhaps extracted from decuria decury


half-cen·tu·ry, noun, plural half·-cen·tu·ries.

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British Dictionary definitions for century

/ (ˈsɛntʃərɪ) /

noun plural -ries

a period of 100 years
one of the successive periods of 100 years dated before or after an epoch or event, esp the birth of Christ
  1. a score or grouping of 100to score a century in cricket
  2. mainly US (as modifier)the basketball team passed the century mark in their last game
(in ancient Rome) a unit of foot soldiers, originally 100 strong, later consisting of 60 to 80 men See also maniple
(in ancient Rome) a division of the people for purposes of voting
(often capital) a style of type

Word Origin for century

C16: from Latin centuria, from centum hundred

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see turn of the century.