[ keyk ]
/ keɪk /


verb (used with object), caked, cak·ing.

to form into a crust or compact mass.

verb (used without object), caked, cak·ing.

to become formed into a crust or compact mass.

Idioms for cake

    a piece of cake, Informal. something easily done: She thought her first solo flight was a piece of cake.
    take the cake, Informal.
    1. to surpass all others, especially in some undesirable quality; be extraordinary or unusual: His arrogance takes the cake.
    2. to win first prize.

Origin of cake

1200–50; Middle English < Old Norse kaka; akin to Middle English kechel little cake, German Kuchen; see cookie


cak·y, cak·ey, adjective non·cak·ing, adjective, noun un·cake, verb (used with object), un·caked, un·cak·ing.

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British Dictionary definitions for cake

/ (keɪk) /



(tr) to cover with a hard layer; encrust the hull was caked with salt
to form or be formed into a hardened mass

Derived forms of cake

cakey or caky, adjective

Word Origin for cake

C13: from Old Norse kaka; related to Danish kage, German Kuchen

Idioms and Phrases with cake


see eat one's cake and have it, too; flat as a pancake; icing on the cake; nutty as a fruitcake; piece of cake; sell like hot cakes; slice of the pie (cake); take the cake.