[ blas-fuh-muhs ]
/ ˈblæs fə məs /


uttering, containing, or exhibiting blasphemy; irreverent; profane.

Origin of blasphemous

1525–35; < Late Latin blasphēmus < Greek blásphēmos defaming, speaking evil, equivalent to blá(p)s(is) harm, evil ( blab- harm + -sis -sis; compare bláptein to harm) + -phēmos speaking, derivative of phḗmē speech; see -ous

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British Dictionary definitions for blasphemous

/ (ˈblæsfɪməs) /


expressing or involving impiousness or gross irreverence towards God, a divine being, or something sacred

Derived forms of blasphemous

blasphemously, adverb

Word Origin for blasphemous

C15: via Late Latin, from Greek blasphēmos evil-speaking, from blapsis evil + phēmē speech