Idioms for bulk

    in bulk,
    1. unpackaged: Fresh orange juice is shipped from Florida in bulk.
    2. in large quantities: Those who buy in bulk receive a discount.

Origin of bulk

1400–50; late Middle English bolke heap, cargo, hold < Old Norse bulki cargo, ship's hold

synonym study for bulk

1. See size1.

pronunciation note for bulk

Bulk and bulge most often are pronounced with the vowel [uh] /ʌ/ of buck. In South Midland and Southern U.S. the [oo] /ʊ/ of book and bull commonly occurs among all speakers. Standard British speech has only [uh] /ʌ/. Both types exist in British regional speech, and both were brought to the colonies, where each came to predominate in a different area and was carried west by migration.

Definition for bulk (2 of 2)

bulk 2
[ buhlk ]
/ bʌlk /

noun Architecture.

a structure, as a stall, projecting from the front of a building.

Origin of bulk

1350–1400; Middle English: stall; apparently special use of bulk1

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/ (bʌlk) /



Word Origin for bulk

C15: from Old Norse bulki cargo

usage for bulk

The use of a plural noun after bulk was formerly considered incorrect, but is now acceptable

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see in bulk.