[ as-et ]
/ ˈæs ɛt /


a useful and desirable thing or quality: Organizational ability is an asset.
a single item of ownership having exchange value.
  1. items of ownership convertible into cash; total resources of a person or business, as cash, notes and accounts receivable, securities, inventories, goodwill, fixtures, machinery, or real estate (opposed to liabilities).
  2. Accounting. the items detailed on a balance sheet, especially in relation to liabilities and capital.
  3. all property available for the payment of debts, especially of a bankrupt or insolvent firm or person.
  4. Law. property in the hands of an heir, executor, or administrator, that is sufficient to pay the debts or legacies of a deceased person.

Origin of asset

1525–35; back formation from assets, in phrase have assets, literally, have enough (to pay obligations) < Anglo-French, Old French asez enough. See assai1


as·set·less, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for asset

/ (ˈæsɛt) /


anything valuable or useful experience is their main asset See also assets

Word Origin for asset

C19: back formation from assets

Cultural definitions for asset


A possession that can be turned into cash to cover liabilities.

notes for asset

Commonly, the term denotes anything of value.