[ ad-mit-ns ]
/ ædˈmɪt ns /


permission or right to enter: admittance into the exhibit room.
an act of admitting.
actual entrance.
Electricity. the measure of the ability of a circuit to conduct an alternating current, consisting of two components, conductance and susceptance; the reciprocal of impedance, expressed in mhos. Symbol: Y

Origin of admittance

First recorded in 1585–95; admit + -ance


re·ad·mit·tance, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for admittance

/ (ədˈmɪtəns) /


the right or authority to enter
the act of giving entrance
electrical engineering the reciprocal of impedance, usually measured in siemens. It can be expressed as a complex quantity, the real part of which is the conductance and the imaginary part the susceptance Symbol: y

Scientific definitions for admittance

[ ăd-mĭtns ]

A measure of the ability of a circuit or component to allow current flow when exposed to AC voltages (its AC conductance). It is equal to the reciprocal of the impedance of the circuit, just as conductivity is equal to the reciprocal of resistance, and is similarly measured in mhos.