[ ak-sel-uh-rey-ter ]
/ ækˈsɛl əˌreɪ tər /


Origin of accelerator

1605–15; 1930–35 for def 7; accelerate + -or2

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British Dictionary definitions for accelerator

/ (ækˈsɛləˌreɪtə) /


a device for increasing speed, esp a pedal for controlling the fuel intake in a motor vehicle; throttle
Also called (not in technical usage): atom smasher physics a machine for increasing the kinetic energy of subatomic particles or atomic nuclei and focusing them on a target
chem a substance that increases the speed of a chemical reaction, esp one that increases the rate of vulcanization of rubber, the rate of development in photography, the rate of setting of synthetic resins, or the rate of setting of concrete; catalyst
economics (in an economy) the relationship between the rate of change in output or sales and the consequent change in the level of investment
anatomy a muscle or nerve that increases the rate of a function

Medical definitions for accelerator

[ ăk-sĕlə-rā′tər ]


One that increases rapidity of action or function.
A nerve, muscle, or substance that quickens movement or response.
A catalyst.