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before 900; Middle English; Old English bī; cognate with Dutch bij, Old High German (German bei), Gothic bi. See be-

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11. By, through, with indicate agency or means of getting something done or accomplished. By is regularly used to denote the agent (person or force) in passive constructions: It is done by many; destroyed by fire. It also indicates means: Send it by airmail. With denotes the instrument (usually consciously) employed by an agent: He cut it with the scissors. Through designates particularly immediate agency or instrumentality or reason or motive: through outside aid; to yield through fear; wounded through carelessness.

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by 2

or bye

[ bahy ]
/ baɪ /


goodbye: By now, come again sometime!

Origin of by

by shortening

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bye 2

or by

[ bahy ]
/ baɪ /


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a combining form of by1: by-product; bystander; byway.
Also bye-.

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by 1
/ (baɪ) /



noun plural byes

a variant spelling of bye 1

Word Origin for by

Old English bī; related to Gothic bi, Old High German , Sanskrit abhi to, towards

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by 2

the internet domain name for


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near bystander
secondary or incidental by-effect; by-election; by-path; by-product

Word Origin for by-

from by

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bye 1
/ (baɪ) /


sport the situation in which a player or team in an eliminatory contest wins a preliminary round by virtue of having no opponent
golf one or more holes of a stipulated course that are left unplayed after the match has been decided
cricket a run scored off a ball not struck by the batsman: allotted to the team as an extra and not to the individual batsman See also leg bye
something incidental or secondary
by the bye incidentally; by the way: used as a sentence connector

Word Origin for bye

C16: a variant of by

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bye 2


sentence substitute

British informal goodbye